Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tafsir al Qurtuby Complete Urdu Translation, 1 volume English Translation & 2 complete Arabic Formats

Tafsir al-Qurtuby تفسير القرطبي‎ is a famous Qur'an Tafsir. The basic objective of this tafsir was to deduce juristic injunctions and rulings from the Quran yet, while doing so, al-Qurtubi has also provided the explanation of verses, research into difficult words, discussion of diacritical marks and elegance of style and composition. Now its Complete Urdu Translation is also available.

Download all 10 volumes of the translation from below link :
1st Urdu Translation (Complete) : Online folder: Urdu Translation of Tafsir al Qurtuby

2nd Urdu Translation (Incomplete) : Volume 1 only

English (Incomplete) : English Translation of Volume 1 only

Arabic (Complete) : Format 1 , Format 2 .