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Qur'an 3:160
Asim Iqbal 2nd Islamic Downloads – “Research, Spread and Establish Islam!”
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Download books on Qur’an, Sunnah, Islamic System & Law, Classic Arabic Grammar & vocabulary, Qur’an’s Miraculous Inimitability & Balaghah, Hadith science, Matn & critical issues, Translations, Concordance, Software, Research & more… Spread this site as much as possible !

Translation attempt: And Certainly OUR (i.e. ALLAH’s) Troops , surely they will be the Ghaaliboon (Over-comers, Conquerors). (37:173)
… Till ALLAH’s Rule is established worldwide & HIS Absolute Greatness accepted worldwide!

(Note: I am just an ordinary Muslim & Islam does not forbid an ordinary Muslim from the above mentioned dream & mission, as long as he abides by the instructions of Islam, & I will only be able to participate as much as ALLAH considers me worth participating.)

Translation Attempt : And those who do Jihad in OUR Cause, surely WE will certainly Guide them to OUR Paths, and indeed ALLAH is with the doers of: beautiful/excellent (29:69)

Notes: I expect atleast some of you to keep downloads of all these files. Most of the books are in English.

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Condolence to Muslims in pain worldwide:
No Khawf (fear, future related worry), No Huzn (sorrow, grief, past related worry), be at peace. Try your best, do all you can & pray to ALLAH and trust ALLAH. Show steadfastness & trust in ALLAH in your trials & sincerely hope for a good reward for this steadfastness. Don’t lose hope, the struggle is hard in these tough times & times of confusion, but you can expect a bigger reward struggling in tough times, trying all your best and then showing steadfastness in the face of what ALLAH ordains & allows to happen. Strength & popularity have to be built but those scholars & people who already have popularity must make serious moves to help Muslims & mobilize Muslim masses effectively to solve problems & masses should support the right persons.

Message to Volunteers
5 Lions are still better than 500 Sheep. Independent thinking volunteers brave enough to stick with the truth & declare the truth for ALLAH, even if the whole world criticizes them. I am looking for the fearless lions, who do not hesitate to declare the truth, & face courageously the genuine issues that must be solved to unite Muslims once & for all, and to establish ALLAH’s Perfect System of Life, Islam practically…!

Truth has to be declared, assumptions have to be attacked if these are wrong, lies and deliberate cover ups must be exposed to destroy the monopoly of some sectarian scholars who deliberately hide facts from masses to defend & promote their sects. Let the evidences speak for themselves. Truth is good enough, it doesn’t have to be covered up or twisted or mixed with falsehood.
Tipu's will Zarb e Kaleem by Iqbal

Feel free to criticize & correct me if I am wrong on some issue as I am just a human being trying to serve ALLAH’s System of Life Islam & I may be wrong on some issues, on some issues I may need improvement, on some issues, I may need correction.
Some of my documents are meant to encourage more research, otherwise I won’t have published them like this. I am looking for volunteers who are capable of independently doing & spreading the unbiased research without me.
1. Those maintaining backup of all the documents offered here should contact me at islamicstriver @, so that I can discuss how to launch multiple backup versions of this site if for some reason I am unable to continue. The main aim of presenting the documents is to spread them aggressively via upload on multiple sites.
2. Volunteers should keep promoting & spreading this site asim iqbal 2nd islamic downloads as much as possible.
3. Volunteers can send me more useful data.
4. Increase the number of visitors to my blogs by telling as many people as possible to visit them.

Copyright claims: Copyright claims are valid for original works only, & not on works using other material to produce their works without the permission of the one whose book or work has been used to produce the derived work e.g. Qur’an is meant for all mankind & jinn, but if some one makes use of this Qur’an to produce some book, then he has no legal right to claim copyright on it without the permission of ALLAH to do so. Similarly, Arabic Grammar, Arabic Vocabulary, & Sunnah etc. related works are all using material of people of past times without their permissions to do so. Moral right is there & demands to give reference to the person who compiled the work & publisher, & not to make money from his work etc. Compilers have a right to take cost of printed copies, but have no right to deny free download option despite proper reference or demand any price for download option. In proper Islamic works, nothing is created out of thin air, so nothing being compiled today is original work and so can’t be copyrighted but can be moral-righted.

Slave of ALLAH,
Asim Iqbal 2nd


ALLAH is Absolutely Perfect. All kinds of Glory, Praises and Thanks are exclusively for ALLAH Almighty, All-Wise alone, The Lord, The Creator, The Cherisher and the Sustainer of all the creation. It is only due to HIS Guidance, Mercy and Blessings that I am trying to be on the straight path. No credit is mine at all.
Every man dies, not every man really tries to live like Muhammad (ALLAH’s Mercy, Blessings and peace be upon him)

I am thankful to ALLAH Almighty All-Wise for giving me the honour of trying to serve HIS perfect system of life Islam.

If you like what I am doing:
Pray for ALLAH’s Forgiveness , Mercy and the Highest Levels of Paradise for my father who left this world on 18th April 2006.