Saturday, 27 September 2014

Recommended Blog: Revive Classical Arabic

I strongly suggest Revive Classical Arabic Blog . The blog is mainly focused on 2 things:


POSTS LIST : Study and Learn Arabic Post by Post Sorted and Organized Posts List giving names and links to posts by sorting them together into categories.

Posts Actual Posts listed according to last post 1st/

How to Study 32 Dictionaries Together Using Arabic Almanac and Mawrid Reader Detailed user guide on Arabic Almanac and Mawrid Reader and how to use them and download them and also some interim guide on how to enhance it till next version is released.


About Revive Arabic Blog/Its Posts/Month Possibilities/What you can do for it 
How can posts/month be increased. What are core posts and what are side posts.

Projects and Ideas

Revive Arabic Projects - Sponsored Translation and Typing Projects
Projects on Classical Arabic to English Translation and also some Typing Projects

Arabic Revival Ideas and Importance
Important Ideas