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al Mabaadi wal Ghaayaat fi ma'aani al Huroof wal Aayaat 

Subjects of Qur'an

Our times and Predictions: 
The Contemporary Era and The Prophetic Traditions (Predictions regarding things we are witnessing today)

Ahkaam ul Qur'an

Mazaameen e Qur'an 


Download both video and subtitle for below 3 documentaries in same folder. Subtitles translation quality appeared not so good due to which they were not approved last time. Now the site has uploaded new subtitles and after checking these the status can be finalized.  

Whats More Real Life or Death
Video (Turkish) 
English Subtitles

The World and After by the Enlightenment of Quran and Sunnah
Video (Turkish)
English Subtitles

Doomsday X - The Unknown
Video (Turkish)
English Subtitles